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ZigZag Valet is a performance driven, professional organization. Our objective is to be the first choice in Valet Trash and Recycling administrations by ensuring the customer satisfaction at every level.

ZigZag valet offers a standard door-to-door waste removal also known as valet trash services for multi-family residential communities. Residents simply place their trash outside of their unit in a conveniently provided container. Our friendly staff assure that all on site trash is disposed of properly in a controlled environment.

We keep your property clean and beautiful while letting your staff to concentrate on the critical issues your property confronts regularly. Soon we will offer services for the marketing of local businesses and discount promotions. We are committed to provide quality services to our valued customers by delivering door step trash for residents to improve their daily lives by saving them time.

The additional benefits to the multi-family community include lower maintenance costs, increased security and a cleaner facility that always looks good to current and future residents.

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What our Zag will bring to your community!

Lower Maintenance

Cleaner facility equals less maintenance cost

Increased Security

ZigZag's daily presence will result in a more secure community

Cleaner Facility

Our friendly staff ensure a cleaner environment

Part of a Bigger Cause

A dollar per unit goes to Exceptional Kids Athletics foundation every month

Our Zag is our MoJo!

Step One
When Trash is full, remove trash container cap and tie trash bag.
Step Two
Displace ZigZag provided trash container to your doorstep.
Step Three
ZigZag Valet staff will dispose trash properly.

Some of the extra benefits of working with ZigZag Valet!!!

College Scholarships

Extra Commission Opportunities

Family Paid Vacations

Part of a Bigger Cause

Give ZigZag a call and remember when our competition Zig we Zag!


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